Air Injection Elimination Kit for Triumph 675/765cc

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    Remove the AIS (Air Injection System) for a better engine operation on 675cc, 765cc, 800cc, 900cc and 1215cc Triumph engines.
    See applications and details below.
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    Version A or version B for
    - Street Triple 675 all versions 2007-2017
    - Daytona 675/R all versions 2005-2017

    Triumph has fitted two types/brands of solenoids, and it is impossible to know which one your bike has from its year or VIN number. You need to visually check your bike and, with the help of our visual (last picture), determine whether version A or version B is the correct one. The rest of the kit is the same in both versions.

    Version B for
    - Street Triple 660/765 versions 2017-2022 (types HD01/HD02/HD03/HD04/HD06)
    - Daytona 765 (2020+)
    - Tiger 800 versions 2014-2020, VIN 674842+ (earlier bikes had no AIS)
    - Tiger 900 all versions 2020+
    - Tiger 1200/Explorer versions 2011-2021
    - Trophy 1215 all versions 2013-2017
    - Trident 660 (2021+)

    Benefits of removing the AIS system :
    - Simplified engine environment
    - Reduced exhaust gas temperature, thereby limiting the appearance of blue "flaming" on exhausts
    - More progressive deceleration, without backfiring 
    - Small weight gain

    The kit includes an electronic "blank connector" which will trick the engine-management system into thinking that the AIS system is still there... so the "engine check" light will not come on !

    Also supplied : alloy blanking plates for a finished look.

    Note: This change makes your non-compliant with the original motorcycle, and as such it is no longer strictly legal for road use. The installation of this kit is your responsibility.


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