Booster Plug for Triumph motorcycles

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    Improved throttle response and better accelerations. Simple reversible solution, plug & play fitting on your bike in minutes.
    See Applications and details below.
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    Kit #1 for Twins 865cc EFI (2008-2016):
    - Bonneville all versions
    - Thruxton 900 all versions
    - Scrambler 900
    - America all versions
    - Speedmaster all versions

    Kit #2 for Twins 900cc and 1200cc from 2016-2021*:
    - Bonneville T100
    - Bonneville T120
    - Street Twin
    - Street Cup
    - Street Scrambler
    - Thruxton 1200 std/R (not for RS)
    - Scrambler 1200 XC/XE
    - Speed Twin
    - Bobber, Bobber Black
    - Speedmaster 1200

    Kit #3 for
    - Street Triple and Daytona 675 (2013-2016, VIN from 560477)
    - Street Triple 660cc/765cc all versions 2017-2021*

    Kit #4 for
    - Tiger 800 all versions 2010-2020
    - Tiger 1200/Explorer all versions 2011-2021*

    Kit #5 for
    - Tiger 1050/Sport all versions 2007-2021
    - Sprint 1050 ST/GT
    - Speed Triple 1050 (2005-2010, VIN up to 461331)

    Kit #6 for
    - Speed Triple 1050 (2011-2015, VIN 461332 to 735336)
    - Speed Triple 1050 (2016-2021, VIN from 735337)

    Kit #7 for Street Triple and Daytona 675 (2005-2012, VIN up to 560476).

    Kit #8 for Thunderbird 1600/1700 all versions 2009-2017.

    Kit #9 for Rocket III all versions 2004-2017.

    *Not suitable for "Euro5" version from 2021 onwards.

    Does not fit any other models/versions than those listed above.

    Invented by a Danish electronics engineer in 2009.
    Manufactured in Denmark, lifetime warranty!

    You will not recognize your motorcycle - The three main effects are:
    - Improved response to throttle movements
    - More progressive (and less lumpy) accelerations
    - Steadier behaviour at constant low speeds

    The principle is simple : modern bikes have been designed to run a "poor" fuel/air mix (more air, less fuel) to comply with regulations. The Booster Plug will send signals to the ECU (the engine-management calculator) to rectify the mix to a "natural" ratio of fuel-to-air.

    Simple installation in 5-10 minutes. The Booster Plug connects directly into your bike's wiring loom, no need to cut or connect wires - a true "plug & play". For this reason the kits are bike-specific, and the fitment totally reversible.

    English fitting instructions below:
    - Twins 790/865
    - Twins 900/1200 (except Bobber)
    - Bobber
    - Rocket III
    - Thunderbird 1600/1700
    - Tiger 800
    - Tiger 1050 & Sprint 1050
    - Tiger 1200
    - Speed Triple 1050
    - Daytona 675
    - Street Triple 675 & 765

    Note: This change makes your non-compliant with the original bike, and as such it is not strictly legal for road use. The installation of this kit is your responsibility.


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    Ma Triumph Tiger 1050 était désagréable à la reprise des gaz, avec une arrivée un peu brusque et des à-coups jusqu'à 2500-3000 tours, pas en permanence, mais obligeant à jouer de l'embrayage parfois. Ce qui m'a plu, c'est que l'on ne modifie rien dans le faisceau, juste ouverture des raccords pour insérer le kit. A tout moment, on peut revenir au montage d'origine. Aucun problème de montage, le câble de la nouvelle sonde est suffisamment long pour être loger sous la tête de fourche et respirez de l'air frais.
    Posted by: Guy S on 8 October 2022
    5 from 5
    Pas encore posé mais réception du paquet ultra rapide, c'est top !
    Posted by: MICHAEL LALLEMAND on 1 April 2022
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