Oxygen Sensor Elimination for Kawasaki W800

    Brand: SmartMoto
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    Kit for the removal of O2/lambda sensors in the exhaust manifolds on Kawasaki W800 while preserving the integrity of the engine management system.
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    Version A for Kawasaki W800 versions 2010-2016.

    Version B for Kawasaki W800 versions 2019-2021, not suitable for Euro5 versions 2021+.

    Lambda sensors interfere with the engine management system, particularly in "bridling" injection to stay within certain pollution parameters. Their elimination allows the engine to operate more "naturally", with the advantage of a slight increase in engine power and improved revving, especially on bikes which mapping has been changed.

    The removal of lambda sensors also allows a more stable idle, especially with the engine cold. 

    This kit includes a screw and copper gasket to seal the probe location in the manifolds and a "misleading" connector that lure the engine management system into thinking that the sensors that are present and correct.

    The kit works with both with the original engine mapping and with improved mapping with after-market exhaust.

    Easy installation with basic tools, fully reversible assembly.

    See this video.

    Warning: this modification is for off-road use only, since it modifies the original characteristics of your motorcycle.

    12 month warranty.


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