AIS Elimination Kit for Kawasaki W650/W800

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Complete kit for the removal of the AIS recirculation system (Air Injection System), for a better engine operation on your Kawasaki W650 and W800.

See applications and details below.

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Version A for
- Kawasaki W650 (1999-2007)

Version B for
- Kawasaki W800 (2010-2016)
- Kawasaki W800 std/Street/Cafe (2019+)

Benefits of removing the AIS system :
- Simplified engine environment
- Reduced exhaust gas temperature, thereby limiting the appearance of blue "flaming" on exhausts
- More progressive deceleration, without backfiring 
- Small weight gain

The kit includes an electronic "blank connector" which will trick the engine-management system into thinking that the AIS system is still there... so the "engine check" light will not come on !

Also supplied : alloy blanking plates for a finished look.

Note: This change makes your non-compliant with the original motorcycle, and as such it is no longer strictly legal for road use. The installation of this kit is your responsibility.


1. Remove the fuel tank. Locate the air recirculation pump/valve.

2. Follow the rubber hose from the pump to the airbox. Unplug the hose from the airbox. Plug the hole with the rubber cap provided and secure it by using the clamp from the hose you just removed.

3. Disconnect the valve connector from the solenoid wiring harness and connect the electronic eliminator provided in its place.

4. Locate the two valve plates on the cylinder head. Unscrew the two bolts of each plate, remove the plate and replace it with the block off plate supplied (keep the internal gasket plate in place). Use the stainless steel bolts and washers provided and tighten to 10Nm.

5. Refit the fuel tank and start the engine. You may get the "engine warning" light at the start but it should disappear after a few starts/runs.

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