Booster Plug for Kawasaki W800

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    Improved throttle response and better accelerations. Simple reversible solution, plug & play fitting on your bike in minutes.
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    - Kawasaki W800 (2010-2016)
    - Kawasaki W800 all versions 2019-2021

    Not suitable for "Euro5" version from 2021.

    Invented by a Danish electronics engineer in 2009.
    Manufactured in Denmark, lifetime warranty!

    You will not recognize your motorcycle - The three main effects are:
    - Improved response to throttle movements
    - More progressive (and less lumpy) accelerations
    - Steadier behaviour at constant low speeds

    The principle is simple : modern bikes have been designed to run a "poor" fuel/air mix (more air, less fuel) to comply with regulations. The Booster Plug will send signals to the ECU (the engine-management calculator) to rectify the mix to a "natural" ratio of fuel-to-air.

    Simple installation in 5-10 minutes. The Booster Plug connects directly into your bike's wiring loom, no need to cut or connect wires - a true "plug & play". For this reason the kits are bike-specific, and the fitment totally reversible.

    English fitting instructions here.

    Note: This change makes your non-compliant with the original bike, and as such it is not strictly legal for road use. The installation of this kit is your responsibility.


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    5 from 5
    Pour l'instant, je me suis contenté du montage. Je vous parlerai du roulage plus tard...le produit se monte effectivement sur le mode du plug-and-play, mais après une petite partie de cache-cache avec la sonde de boite à air ! Il manque peut-être une notice en français, quoi que, et un schéma correspondant au modèle de moto (trouvable cependant sur la toile). plus de sensations à venir après le 1er roulage...kenavo !
    Posted by: Helsens on 15 January 2018