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    Fork Preload Adjuster Kit for Triumph Twins

    €169,- see below for availability per version
    Kit to preload fork springs on all Triumph Twins, for improved suspension and a more precise road behaviour.
    See details and application below.
    3 variations
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    Version A (41mm fork tubes) for
    - Bonneville all versions (2001-2016, 790/865cc)
    - Thruxton 900 all versions (2004-2016, 865cc)
    - Scrambler 900 all versions (2006-2016, 865cc)
    - America all versions (2001-2017, 790/865cc)
    - Speedmaster all versions (2003-2017, 790/865cc)
    - Street Twin (2016-2018, VIN up to 914447)
    - Street Cup (2017-2019, 900cc)
    - Street Scrambler (2016-2018, VIN up to 914447)
    - Bonneville T100 (2017-2020 only, with unbranded front brake caliper)
    - Bobber standard (2017-2021, type DV01 with 41mm forks)

    Version B (41mm fork tubes) for
    - Street Twin (2019+, VIN 914448+)
    - Street Scrambler (2019+, VIN 914448+)
    - Bonneville T100 (2021+ versions with Brembo front brake caliper)
    - Bonneville T120 (2016+, 1200cc)
    - Speed Twin (2019-2021 only, not for 2021+ version with Marzocchi forks)
    - Thruxton 1200 standard (2016-2021, not for R/RS)
    - Speedmaster 1200 (2018-2021, type DV01 with 41mm forks)

    Version C (47mm fork tubes) for
    - Bobber Black (2018-2021, type DV01 with 47mm forks)
    - Bobber 2021+ (type DX04 with 47mm forks)
    - Bobber TFC (2018+)
    - Speedmaster 1200 (2021+, type DX04 with 47mm forks)

    Kit to fit preload adjusters to improve the suspension and give the bike a more precise behaviour.
    Allow a preload adjustment of up to 10mm for a harder or softer preload, depending on your preference, your weight and your riding habits (solo or duo).

    Solid aluminum cut with CNC machine, anodized satin black (to match the frame and the triple clamp).

    Ideal in combination with progressive springs (see here), together they will change the behavior of your bike!

    See this video.

    Easy installation, does not require disassembly of the fork.
    Direct replacement of the original fork caps.
    Supplied with detailed instructions.

    12 month warranty.


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    5 from 5
    Permets un réglage précis de la fourche. Parfait.
    Posted by: Raphaël on 10 November 2019