Catalyst Bypass Pipe Triumph Tiger 800/850/900

    €189,- Available on order, please allow 7-10 days
    Stainless steel bypass pipe for the removal of the catalyst on Triumph Tiger 800 (2010-2020) or Tiger 850/900 (2020+). Lifetime warranty!
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    Version A for all Triumph Tiger 800 versions 2010-2020:
    - Tiger 800 versions 2010-2014 (type A08)
    - Tiger 800 versions 2015-2016 (type A082)
    - Tiger 800 versions 2017 (type C201)
    - Tiger 800 versions 2018-2020 (types C301/C302)

    Version B for
    - Tiger 850 Sport (2021+)
    - Tiger 900 all versions 2020+

    Stainless steel "bypass" pipe for the removal of catalyst. The pipe fits in place of the catalyst, between the downpipes and the silencers.

    Fixing points are integrated to re-fit the original shields/covers.

    Advantages :
    - Performance gain
    - Better engine sound
    - Decreases the temperature of the engine, which results in a "rounder" performance and reduces the appearance of "blueing" on the downpipes
    - no increase in fuel consumption as the engine mapping is not affected
    - small weight gain

    This change does not trigger the engine warning light as the O2 sensors remain in place (right off the cylinder head). You can also remove those sensors (with this kit) to facilitate cold-engine starts and idle, and simplify the bike's electrical system.

    The original cat shield is re-fitted in place, which makes the modification invisible...


    Requires cutting the original downpipe, so this modification is not easily reversible. Supplied with clamps for assembly, and with a small extra section of pipe in case you want to weld the catalyst back in place in the future.

    Supplied with instructions.

    Note: This change makes your non-compliant with the original bike, and as such it is not strictly legal for road use. The installation of this kit is your responsibility.


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