High-Flow Air Filter for Triumph Tiger 800

    Brand: DNA
    €89,50 Reduced to clear !
    High-flow air filter for Tiger 800, all versions 2010-2020.
    Get your engine +29% more air!
    Lifetime warranty!
    See applications and details below.
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    - Tiger 800 versions 2010-2014 (type A08)
    - Tiger 800 versions 2015-2016 (type A082)
    - Tiger 800 versions 2017 (type C201)
    - Tiger 800 versions 2018-2020 (types C301/C302)

    Direct replacement of the original filter.

    Your bike's original filter (as well as most aftermarket filters) are designed to be disposable: the filter element is made of strong porous paper and so cannot be cleaned without damage. DNA designs its filters differently: the filter material is a multi-layered cotton felt, protected by a fine aluminium mesh. This material costs a lot more, but it provides unequalled durability, excellent filtration and a much better air flow.

    For more info on DNA filters, their technology and their performance please see the visual at the bottom of this page.

    A good filter should last the life of the bike. Strict quality controls, materials of the highest quality, mean that DNA filters are granted a Lifetime Warranty!

    They need, however, to be maintained regularly: Once a year or every 15.000 to 30.000 km, depending on riding conditions.

    - Make sure the engine cools down before cleaning
    - Take the air filter out of the airbox, taking care to make sure that no dirt or debris falls into the intake
    - Spray the filter with cleaning solution on both sides and wait 5-10 minutes
    - Rinse under running water to remove all dirt and dust
    - Let the filter dry completely (up to several hours depending on conditions)
    - Apply fresh filter oil generously and let the filter rest for 20 minutes
    - Replace the filter in the airbox


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