Bypass X-Pipe Triumph Twins 900/1200cc

    €359,- see below for availability per version
    Stainless steel bypass pipe for the removal of the catalyst on Triumph Twin 900cc et 1200cc (2016+). Lifetime warranty!
    See Applications and details below.
    6 variations
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    Product description

    Version A for
    - Bonneville T100 versions 2017-2021 (Euro4, see below for Euro5)
    - Bonneville T120 versions 2016-2021 (Euro4, see below for Euro5)
    - Street Twin versions 2016-2021 (Euro4, see below for Euro5)
    - Street Cup 2017-2019
    - Speed Twin versions 2019-2021 (Euro4 versions, see below for Euro5)
    - Thruxton 1200 std/R 2016-2021, see below for RS
    - Bobber all versions 2017+, Euro4 and Euro5
    - Bobber Black 2018-2021
    - Speedmaster 1200 all versions 2017+, Euro4 and Euro5

    Version B for
    - Street Scrambler versions 2017-2021 (Euro4, types DC01/DC02/DC03)
    - Street Scrambler versions 2021-2022 (Euro5, type DC04 but only for European markets*)
    - Scrambler 900 (2022+, type DC04 but only for European markets*)
    * NOT for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - do not order for bikes in these territories.

    Version C for Scrambler 1200 versions 2019-2021 (Euro4).
    Not suitable for Euro5 versions from 2021+.

    Version D for
    - Thruxton RS (2020+)
    - Thruxton TFC (2019)
    - Speed Twin 1200 versions 2021+ (Euro5)

    Version E for
    - Street Twin versions 2021-2022 (Euro5, VIN AB9715+)
    - Speed Twin 900 (2022+)

    Version F for
    - Bonneville T100 versions 2021+ (Euro5, VIN AC5927+)
    - Bonneville T120 versions 2021+ (Euro5, VIN AC5927+)

    Stainless-steel bypass for the removal of catalyst - fits in place of the catalyst, between the downpipes and the silencers. An integrated bracket to fix the bypass on the frame avoids stressing the downpipes with too many vibrations, ensuring no long-term damage.

    Fixing points are integrated to re-fit the original shields/covers.

    Advantages :
    - Performance gain (+8bhp at the dyno !)
    - Better engine sound
    - Decreases the temperature of the engine, which results in a "rounder" performance and reduces the appearance of "blueing" on the downpipes
    - no increase in fuel consumption as the engine mapping is not affected
    - weight gain (2 kgs)

    This change does not trigger the engine warning light as the O2 sensors remain in place (right off the cylinder head). You can also remove those sensors (with this kit) to facilitate cold-engine starts and idle, and simplify the bike's electrical system. There is also no need to reprogramme the ECU as it is self-adaptative on these bikes.


    Medium-difficulty installation with basic tools.
    Fitting video available here.

    Note: This change makes your non-compliant with the original bike, and as such it is not strictly legal for road use. The installation of this kit is your responsibility.


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    5 from 5
    On sent nettement moins la chaleur et le rendement moteur est meilleur. Le son change totalement, on sent bien la grosse cylindrée (sur 1200 bobber). Je n'ai pas effectué le montage moi même (fait par triumph). Avec des motone derrière c'est le feu.
    Posted by: Nevrakse on 20 August 2023
    5 from 5
    X-pipe free spirit et suppression sondes lambda commandé pour un speed twin 2019. Pièce magnifique,ça respire la qualité;.Quelques notions nécessaires pour le démontage et remontage,c'est quand même mariole mais faisable. Au démarrage, RAS , aucun témoin génant ni quoi que ce soit . Joli bruit avec une ligne d'origine,pas la peine d'aller dépenser plus. Aprés essai sur route on peut dire que c'est efficace !! Livraison très rapide. Merci British Legends...à trés vite.
    Posted by: Franck B. on 14 June 2022
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