Slashcut Silencers for Triumph Twins

    Brand: Motone
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    Stainless steel silencers for Triumph Street Twin, Bobber and Speedmaster 1200.
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    Version A for
    - Street Twin versions 2016-2021 (types DP01/DP02)
    - Street Cup 2017-2019
    - Street Twin versions 2021-2022 (type DP04) only if the catalyst is replaced by an X-pipe MTE120
    - Speed Twin 900 (2022+) only if the catalyst is replaced by an X-pipe MTE120

    Version B for
    - Bobber all versions 2017+ (Euro4 and Euro5)
    - Bobber Black 2018-2021
    - Speedmaster 1200 all versions 2018+ (Euro4 and Euro5)

    Does not fit any other models/versions.

    Pair of Motone Bedlam/Mayhem silencers (slip-ons) to fit directly at the end of the bike's factory catalyst. For added performance and soundtrack, the catalyst can be replaced with a bypass pipe

    Designed and manufactured by Motone in Great-Britain.
    Made from 304-Series stainless steel.
    No certification.
    Black version is heat-treated for a perfect and durable finish.

    Unlike many similar pipes, these contain internal baffles (not removable), so they can be run with X-Pipe (catalyst removed) without being excessively noisy.

    Richer sound - with the catalyst in place the noise level is one notch higher than stock and with a more "throaty" sound (more like an older Twin). With the catalyst removed/bypassed the noise level goes up again but remain acceptable in most settings. Listen to them here.

    Other benefit: weight gain with approx 5kg taken off the bike!

    No reprogrammation of the ECU necessary.

    Please note regarding the B-SHORT versions: these silencers are much louder as they do NOT include baffles contrary to the standard (longer) versions. Only use with the catalyst still in place on the bike, otherwise the exhaust is straight-through and way too loud for most people (and for the law).

    Direct replacement of the original silencers.
    No modification of the bike, fully reversible fitment.

    Warranty 12 months.


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    5 from 5
    J'ai monté la version courte sur mon bobber et franchement, cet échappement au top! Vraiment agréable d'entendre le ronronnement du twin de manière plus "libérée". J'ai laissé le catalyseur en place sinon l'échappement est en sortie libre et là bien, c'est vraiment plus du tout agréable...
    Je recommande à ceux qui hésitent encore, foncez, vous ne serez pas du tout déçu!
    PS: je suis un total novice en mécanique moto et j'ai réussi à les installer seul donc c'est à la portée de tous!
    Posted by: Alex on 24 September 2022
    5 from 5
    Exceptionnel! J'ai acheté la version courte pour mettre sur mon bobber, c'est exceptionnel! Le look est juste parfait et la sonorité.... Ho mon dieu que c'est agréable de sentir ronronner le 1200 avec un peut plus de force!
    Je recommande à 100% pour ceux qui hésitent encore, franchement foncez vous ne serez vraiment pas déçu!
    Posted by: Prophet on 21 August 2022
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