Shock Factory 2WIN for Triumph Bonneville

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    High-quality adjustable shock absorbers/dampers for Triumph Bonneville, French design and manufacture by Shock Factory. Excellent quality for a reasonable price!
    See details and applications below.
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    Version A for Bonneville versions 2001-2016 with wire wheels.
    Same length as the bike's original dampers: 340mm.

    Version B for Bonneville versions 2009-2016 with alloy wheels.
    Same length as the bike's original dampers: 335

    Version C for
    - Bonneville T100 all versions 2017+
    - Bonneville T120 all versions 2016+
    Same length as the bike's original dampers: 345mm.

    These shocks are available from stock as indicated for standard versions. Non-standard versions (see options) are made on demand, please allow 2-3 weeks from your order for availability.

    Designed and made in southern France, these Shock Factory dampers are fantastic quality for the price!

    All the alloy parts are CNC-milled from solid aluminium, then anodized for a perfect and durable finish. The springs are finished in black oven-baked epoxy paint.

    Gas (nitrogen) / oil volume compensator shock absorbers.
    Shaft diameter 12mm, piston diameter 25mm.
    External diameter 65mm.

    Adjustment for hardness (both compression and rebound) via a manual 14-position knob, the changing the setting takes seconds!

    Adjustment for preload with key supplied.

    Sold in pairs.

    Delivered pre-adjusted for an "average" use: mostly solo use, with average-weight rider. See below the heavy-duty option is you think it will better suit your needs.

    Option 1
    You can order a heavy-duty version which will come with harder springs and pre-adjusted on harder settings, choose this if you meet one or more of the following criteria:
    - you ride mostly solo but weigh 150kg/340lbs or more
    - you ride most often with a passenger and heavy luggage

    Option 2
    You can order a set of shocks 20mm longer or shorter than the factory length, to raise or lower the rear of your bike. This can help accommodate long/short legs, but also give the bike a sportier stance and a more dynamic behaviour. Please note, changing the bike's height will affect the usefulness of the centre stand if you bike has one.


    Easy fitment, direct replacement of the original dampers with no modification required.

    12 month warranty.


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    5 from 5
    Alors pour ce qui est de la tenue de route et du comportement, y'a pas photo!
    C'est un ENORME changement. Plus de flottement, on sent la bécane vraiment beaucoup plus stable dans les courbes, et à plus vive allure, ça bouge pas non plus.
    Posted by: Jerome on 6 March 2023
    5 from 5
    Reçu monté et essayé, très content, plus de trépidation en virage sur mauvais revêtement (mauvaises routes dans le Tarn) et moins de chocs dans mes vertèbres. La béquille reste opérationnelle. Pour conclure, c'est le top !
    Posted by: JG on 17 October 2022
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