EXUP Valve Eliminator for Daytona 675

    Brand: SmartMoto
    €60,- see below for availability per version
    Exhaust valve eliminator for Triumph Daytona 675, to remove the exhaust valve and servo-motor that reduces noise levels at low revs.
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    Version A for Triumph Daytona 675 versions 2006-2012 (up to VIN 564947).

    Version B for Triumph Daytona 675 versions 2013-2017 (VIN 564948+).

    For certification reasons, the Daytona 675 is equipped with a valve + servo motor system, used to lower the noise levels of the exhaust and to control torque in the low RPMs.

    This system reduces performance and is incompatible with race/full exhaust systems.

    This Servo eliminator allows the removal of this system without triggering an engine fault warning, nor the ECU's SAFE mode. Made of high-grade lectronics components encased in resin, it is low-weight and fits directly in the bike's wiring loom for minimal fuss.

    - maximum torque at the low RPMs
    - reduce weight and free up space by removing the servo motor, exhaust valve and cables

    Fitting instructions and video.

    Warranty 12 months.


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