Stainless 2-into-1 for Triumph Bonneville/Thruxton

    Brand: TEC
    €419,- see below for availability per version
    Complete 2-into-1 system in brushed stainless steel for Triumph Bonneville and Thruxton 2001-2016.
    See applications and details below.
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    - Bonneville all versions 2001-2016
    - Thruxton all versions 2004-2016

    Compatible with center and side stands.

    Two versions, with short (for a sportier look) or long silencer (for a more "classic" look).

    Downpipes and silencers in Inconel 600, a nickel / chromium alloy with excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Less than half the weight of the original exhausts!

    Similar to the Arrow systems sold by Triumph dealers.

    Brushed metal finish, can easily be polished or painted.

    This video gives you a recording of the noise produced.

    Designed and made by TEC in Yorkshire.

    Easy installation with basic mechanical knowledge. Requires no modification of the bike, totally reversible assembly. It is recommended to perform a carburetor/injection adjustment to maximise the gain in performance and sound.

    The cartridges/inserts are located at the end of each silencer and can be removed with a simple snap ring in seconds. The cartridge has 6 original holes, giving a louder sound than the original exhaust without being too loud. For a bigger sound, you can drill other holes in the inserts as desired. You can also "play" with 2 different inserts, a "standard" one for every day, and the other "open" for when you're angry ... See replacement baffles here.

    12 month warranty


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    5 from 5
    Montage sans problèmes et sonorité incomparable à la monte d'origine !
    Posted by: SIMON on 4 March 2015
    5 from 5
    Rien à dire! aucun problème au montage,très belle sonorité,je suis ravi.
    Posted by: darnel on 3 March 2015
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