Stainless-Steel Brake Hose for Kawasaki W650/W800

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    Braided stainless steel brake lines in complete kit for Kawasaki W650 and W800.
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    Version A for Kawasaki W650 versions with high handlebar.

    Version B for Kawasaki W650 versions with low handlebars.

    Version C for Kawasaki W800 all versions 2010-2016.

    Not available for new generation W800 (2019+).

    Complete kits including hose, fittings, fasteners and seals - ready to fit & ride!

    Synthetic rubber hose covered with stainless steel braid, coated in a clear flexible PVC (to prevent scratches on the neighboring parts). Stainless-steel "banjo" bolts and screws, copper gaskets.

    Compared to ordinary rubber hoses, braided hoses bring a firmer and more accurate braking feel (rubber hoses expand slightly under pressure, stainless steel hoses not), and increased durability.

    Designed and made by HEL Performance in Devon. Former subcontractor for Aeroquip, HEL Performance sells under its own brand since 1985.

    Advantages of steel braided brake hoses
    The main advantage of braided hoses is their durability (they will last much longer), and more specifically the fact that their good performance continues throughout their service life.

    Over time, the original rubber hose of your motorcycle mellows, because each time you brake it is pressurized. It eventually starts to expand under pressure, you lose some of the force applied to the brakes and they start feeling a bit spongy and slower to react.

    Braided hoses have a much higher resistance to pressure, and do not yield under the pressure of strong braking, giving precision and firmness in application.

    Over time, they retain these advantages when the rubber hose eventually becomes dangerous if it is not changed in time: Triumph recommends changing them every 4 years. By comparison, a quality braided stainless-steel hose will last 10 years or more, without any risk.

    Why do we sell HEL Performance hoses?
    We sell front/rear kits specific for each motorcycle, prepared directly by HEL Performance in their factory in the South West of England.

    Many resellers stock hose “by the kilometre” and prepare hoses on demand, but their operators are not necessarily experienced and the information used in assembly (length, angle of each banjo etc) is often limited or even incorrect.

    By contrast, HEL technicians are specialists who do just that, and who rely on information obtained directly from Triumph. Their hoses are regularly tested at 1500psi, five times the pressure of the most powerful braking!

    Easy installation with basic tools.
    Requires bleeding the brake system.
    Banjo torque tightening 26Nm.

    12 month warranty.


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