Mirrors for Royal-Enfield 350cc & 650cc

    Brand: TEC
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    Pair of E-marked mirrors in complete kit for Royal-Enfield Shotgun, Meteor, Classic, Hunter...
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    - Royal-Enfield Meteor 350 (2020+)
    - Royal-Enfield Classic 350 (2021+)
    - Royal-Enfield Hunter 350 (2022+)
    - Royal-Enfield Super Meteor 650 (2023+)
    - Royal-Enfield Shotgun 650 (2024+)

    Complete kit to fit a pair of handlebar (bar-end) mirrors on your bike. Many kits on the market are universal and fitting them on your bike can be difficult. Our kit has been tested and guaranteed to fit perfectly.

    The kit comes with the bar-end plates, as seen on the photos.

    In addition to the gain of look and visibility, their weight is greatly reduced to the original mirrors, for lower steering weight.
    Made from solid aluminum, machined on 5-axis CNC, finished black by anodizing.
    Stainless steel hardware. Certified for Europe with "E-Mark" engraved.
    Total diameter 104mm, diameter of the mirror 94mm.

    Easy assembly with basic tools.
    These assemblies do not require any modification of the motorcycle or mirrors, nor any special tool.
    Note: Secure the screws with threadlock to ensure they stay in place.

    Warranty 12 months.


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    5 from 5
    Rétroviseurs de qualité, très belle finition en aluminium anodisé. Esthétiquement ils sont parfait, la tige n'est pas trop longue (moins que les rétros d'embout RE). Sur la RE Hunter 350, les inserts dans le guidon ne sont pas démontables (collés ou soudés à l'intérieur), il faut donc poser les rétros sans les chevilles à expansion (inserts) fournies, juste visser les embouts (pour ma part j'ai limé la prohéminence sur les embouts fournis qui servent de guide aux chevilles, pour une pose bien à plat sur le guidon. Rien de compliqué). Le résultat est parfait.
    Posted by: Fabrice SUPPLIE on 1 December 2023