Battery Charger NOCO Genius

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    Smart Battery charger for motorbikes, "connect and forget" technology. 5-year warranty.
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    These chargers allow you, regardless of the state of charge of your battery, to plug it in and leave it in place for several weeks or even months!

    At each connection, the charger applies the following sequence:
    1 - desulphatation (pulse calculated to eliminate the formation of sulphates on the battery terminals)
    2 - main charge (maximum intensity up to 80% load)
    3 - absorption mass (reduced intensity to reach 100% load)
    4 - analysis (check that the battery holds the charge, if not a warning light comes on)
    5 - "Pulse" (maintains the battery charge over the long term, through regular pulses)

    Suitable for all 6V and 12V motorcycle batteries, including lithium batteries. Meets IP65 standards of protection, dust-proof and water-proof. Guaranteed with no spark, protected against reverse polarity and short circuit to protect the electronics of the bike.

    For bikes with traditional wiring or Can-Bus technology.

    Dimensions 114x58x53mm.
    For batteries up to 30Ah (ie all motorcycles on the market).
    Guaranteed operation from -20°C to +40°C.
    Connection of the unit directly into the socket.
    Connection to the motorcycle by crocodile clips.
    Connection wire length 2m.
    Multilingual notice.
    Same as Genius1, except:
    Dimensions 140x61x43mm.
    For batteries up to 40Ah (ie all motorcycles on the market + small cars).
    Connection of the box via 1.4m wire and separate plug.
    Additional terminal cord
    Connector to be installed on the motorcycle battery and left in place, which allows for a connection/disconnection in a few seconds without accessing the battery.
    Also useful if you have several motorcycles.
    To order the additional cord with one of the units, place in the basket in two times.



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