Lowering Springs for Triumph Scrambler 1200

    Brand: TEC
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    Kit of replacement springs to lower the rear of your Triumph Scrambler 1200 by 25-35mm.
    Details and applications below.
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    - Scrambler 1200 XC (2019-2023)
    - Scrambler 1200 XE all versions 2019+

    Not suitable for Scrambler 1200X from 2023+.

    Pair of replacement springs to lower the seat height by 25-35 mm (depending on the weight of the rider, see below).

    The Scrambler 1200 has a fairly high seating position, and a ride too firm for many users. For those who have difficulty "reaching the ground", or who want to gain a little comfort, this kit is for you!
    The bike's Twin-Spring Ohlins shock absorbers are very advanced and include two springs:
    - a short one that compresses first, when you get on the bike ("static squish")
    - a long one (main spring) which carries the weight of the motorcycle and gives travel to the suspension.
    Our springs replace the short springs and are (at rest) the same length, but they are slightly softer. This means that once the rider is on the bike, the bike goes down 25-35mm compared to stock (depending on the person's weight).
    You also gain a little in perceived comfort since small jolts at low speed are better absorbed.
    This does not modify the behaviour of the motorcycle when riding, nor the suspension travel (200mm).
    Note: no change in height of the motorcycle at rest, so the side and central (if present) stands can still be used.
    If you want to lower the front of the bike in the same proportion, just slide the fork tubes inside the yokes.
    British-made springs, excellent quality and black finish by baked paint (same appearance as the original springs).
    Medium difficulty, see this video. If that seems too difficult for you, talk to a motorcycle pro, it won't take them long and you will be sure not to damage those expensive dampers...
    12 month warranty


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