Ferodo Eco-Friction Brake Pads for Triumph Bonneville

    Brand: Ferodo
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    Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads front/rear for Triumph Bonneville, all versions since 2001.
    See applications and details below.
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    Version A for Bonneville all versions 2001-2016.

    Version B for Bonneville T100 versions 2017-2020 with unbranded caliper.

    Version C for Bonneville T100 versions 2021+ with Brembo caliper.

    Version D for Bonneville T120 versions 2016-2020 with unbranded calipers.*

    Version E for Bonneville T120 versions 2021+ with Brembo calipers.*

    * for motorcycles with two front discs, always change the pads simultaneously, for the front please take quantity = 2.

    To order front + rear pads, place in basket in two times.

    FERODO's new Eco-Friction range has been engineered for 5 years to produce the best-possible combination of the following attributes:
    - Superior performance (braking distances shortened by up to 17% in tests)
    - Constant friction level for good brake modulation
    - Durability (increased lifespan)
    - Reduced noise and disc wear
    - Low environmental impact (reduced use of heavy metals and lower particulate emissions)

    European regulation KBA/ABE.

    12 month warranty.


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    5 from 5
    The most common brake pads available were EBC until now, but they always create a lot of brake dust, and I was forever cleaning my wheels. With Ferodo pads there is very little dust finding its way on to the wheels. On top of that they are better brakes too... More feel and more bite... So glad to find Ferodo pads available through British Legends after all this time...
    Posted by: Steve on 20 February 2023
    5 from 5
    Excellent rear pads and exactly whats needed for rear pads on the Triumph Bonneville. Great value because there's no need to spend twice the money (on branded or HH sintered pads etc) for the rear disc.
    Posted by: Andrew Sims on 14 November 2017
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