Adjustable Alloy Levers for Royal-Enfield 350/650

    Brand: TEC
    €71,50 see below for availability per version
    Replacement brake/clutch levers in solid aluminum, for a sportier look and better grip.
    See applications and details below.
    2 variations
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    Version A for
    - Royal-Enfield Interceptor 650 (2018+)
    - Royal-Enfield Continental GT 650 (2018+)

    Version B for
    - Royal-Enfield Meteor 350 (2020+)
    - Royal-Enfield Classic 350 (2021+)

    Pair of alloy replacement handles, milled from solid 6061-T6 aluminum billet on 5-axis CNC machine, polished and finished by anodizing.

    Stainless steel screws and spacers.

    Adjustable 6 positions.

    Designed and manufactured by TEC in Great-Britain.

    Brake lever fitment
    Remove the pivot bolt holding the original lever, then remove the lever. Lightly grease the pivot bolt then install the new lever to replace it. Be careful to leave a little "play" between the lever and the piston (when the brake fluid heats up it expands slightly). Tighten the fitment and check the operation of the brake light.

    Clutch lever fitment
    Disassemble the pivot bolt which holds the original lever then remove the lever without forcing to avoid damaging the clutch switch (add WD40 if necessary and proceed step-by-step). Loosen the adjustment of the clutch cable to the maximum then undo the cable from its guide. Lightly grease the pivot bolt then install the new lever to replace it. Tighten the screw. Adjust the cable tension.

    Warranty 12 months.


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    5 from 5
    reçu en Belgique en 3 jours après commande, emballage et service/conseils, nickels !
    Posted by: gerald bibot on 10 September 2020