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Dust cover specifically designed for modern Triumph motorcycles, for indoors use. Available in many sizes to fit your bike.

See details and sizes below.
€49,50 (€41,25 excl VAT)
Range of Triumph-related vinyl stickers for Triumph lovers. Outdoors quality of material and print. Sold per unit.
€3,90 (€3,25 excl VAT)
THE reference book for the maintenance and repair of modern Triumph motorcycles.

Written in English.
€32,50 (€27,08 excl VAT)
Ideal for all Triumph Twins, this service stand is easy to use and lifts your bike from underneath the swing-arm.

See applications and details below.
€69,50 (€57,92 excl VAT)
Oil filter wrench to facilitate "do-it-yourself" oil changes. Allows both to remove the original filter and properly tighten the replacement filter.

See applications and details below.
€8,50 (€7,08 excl VAT)
Choice of headlight bulbs for all Triumph motorcycles, from simple replacement H4/H7 to an upgrade to Blue Xenon bulbs for better vision and night visibility, ultra-modern look.

Sold per single unit.
€9,50 (€7,92 excl VAT)
High-quality DS-Cover motorcycle cover for full weather protection.
Available in 4 sizes to fully "fit" your bike -size guide below.

See Applications and details below.
€79,50 (€66,25 excl VAT)
Kit for installing an Optimate battery connector on your bike, to receive a "trickle" battery charge from chargers Optimate.
€11,50 (€9,58 excl VAT)
Parking/position LED light bulb for better visibility and ultra-modern look!
See applications and details below.
€3,50 (€2,92 excl VAT)
Replacement indicator / turn signal light bulb, full range to fit all Triumph motorcycles.
€0,90 (€0,75 excl VAT)
Smart Battery charger for motorbikes, "connect and forget" technology. 5-year warranty.
€56,50 (€47,08 excl VAT)
Engine oil Castrol Power1 Racing Engine Oil, the top-of-the-range of motor oils. Index 10W40 or 10W50 as recommended by Triumph for all its models.

See details below.
€64,50 (€53,75 excl VAT)
Rolling storage stand for all motorcycles with a centre stand. Allows easy maneuvering in tight spaces and busy garages.

See applications and details below.
€99,00 (€82,50 excl VAT)
Cleaning kit for K&N air filters, including a cleaning spray and an oiling spray.
€18,50 (€15,42 excl VAT)
Ideal for do it yourself brake bleeding your bike without pain!
€8,90 €8,90 (€7,42 excl VAT)
Tool to break open the old chain of your bike, and to rivet the new one for an easy chain-and-sprocket change at home ! Kellerman, quality made in Germany.

See details below.
€119,00 (€99,17 excl VAT)
Fork Oil Gauge and Syringe for an easy and precise oil-change of your fork.
€19,50 (€16,25 excl VAT)
Lubricant quality motorcycle chain spray 0.3 liter. German brand JMC.
€7,40 (€6,17 excl VAT)
Quality DOT4 brake fluid in 1/2 liter container, Ferodo brand.
€5,90 (€4,92 excl VAT)
Engine oil fully synthetic, German quality for the price of a "budget" oil.

See details below.
€33,50 (€27,92 excl VAT)
Quality fork oil in 10W viscosity index. German manufacture, 100% synthetic oil.
€19,50 (€16,25 excl VAT)
For a clean and easy oil change, easier recycling, this tray will make your life easier!
€28,50 (€23,75 excl VAT)
Quality fork oil in one-litre bottle. Wilbers 100% synthetic oil , Grade 5W 10W or 15W.
€24,50 (€20,42 excl VAT)
Replacement Fuses (sold per unit), sizes and amps for all motorcycles.

See details below.
€0,50 (€0,42 excl VAT)
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