CB1100 (2012+)

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Pair of new fuel tank knee pads in high-quality synthetic rubber. Sold as a pair.

See details below.
€44,50 (€37,08 excl VAT)
Stainless steel tank rack, fits on the tank with four strong suction caps. Made in Germany.

Details below.
€76,50 (€63,75 excl VAT)
Tank bag in strong waterproofed canvas, guaranteed magnetic fitment.

See details and applications below.
€89,50 (€74,58 excl VAT)
This film allows you to tint the headlight of your motorcycle in yellow. Minimal loss of brightness, huge gain of vintage look ...

Details below.
€9,50 (€7,92 excl VAT)
Knee pads upholstered in nautical-quality vinyl, direct fit on all Triumph Twins. Hand-made in Spain, excellent quality. Sold as a pair.

See applications and details below.
€149,00 (€124,17 excl VAT)
Old-style license holder, ideal for embellishing your bike and protect your tax disc or insurance sticker from the weather.

See details below.
€14,50 (€12,08 excl VAT)
This module allows the headlight's temporary disconnection, to preserve the bike's battery during starts.

See applications and details below.
€28,50 (€23,75 excl VAT)
Bar-End LED indicators by Motogadget, model "M-Blaze Disc". Sleek and discreet design for modern look.
Priced per pair.

See details below.
€199,00 (€165,83 excl VAT)
Pair of super-discreet LED indicators for all motorcycles. Can fit on any existing mounting point on the bike (see pictures).
See applications and details below.
€26,50 (€22,08 excl VAT)
Luggage "Cargo" net to hold luggage and helmets, for use on saddle, luggage rack, etc.
€7,50 (€6,25 excl VAT)
Engine oil Castrol Power1 Racing Engine Oil, the top-of-the-range of motor oils. Index 10W40 or 10W50 as recommended by Triumph for all its models.

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€64,50 (€53,75 excl VAT)
Quality LED resistors to compensate the loss of charge when you fit LED indicators on a bike with bulb turn signals. Sold per unit.
€3,90 (€3,25 excl VAT)
Fly-screen for Honda CB1100 (2012+ versions), sold as a complete kit. DART brand, made in England.

See applications and details below.
€159,00 (€132,50 excl VAT)
Smart Battery charger for motorbikes, "connect and forget" technology. 5-year warranty.
€56,50 (€47,08 excl VAT)
High quality headlight dress-up kit to replace the ugly generic bolts used by Triumph. Alloy washers, stainless steel bolts.

See details and applications below.
€16,50 (€13,75 excl VAT)
Indicators brackets that fit onto 41-to-49mm diameter tubes (fork stanchions, frame tubes, engine bars...). Sold as pair.
€18,50 (€15,42 excl VAT)
"Cat-Eyes" indicators for a discreet look on your bike at unbeatable prices. Priced per pair, choice between 10W bulb.
€16,50 €12,50 (€10,42 excl VAT)
Chain maintenance kit including 300ml cleaning/degreasing spray, chain brush, and 300ml chain grease spray. German brand JMC.
€19,90 (€16,58 excl VAT)
Quality fork oil in one-litre bottle. Wilbers 100% synthetic oil , Grade 5W 10W or 15W.
€26,50 (€22,08 excl VAT)
Replacement Fuses (sold per unit), sizes and amps for all motorcycles.

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€0,50 (€0,42 excl VAT)
Holts Firegum assembly paste for exhaust systems, makes assembly easier and ensures an airtight fitment. 150g tube.
€8,50 (€7,08 excl VAT)
Motul C5 dense chain grease, special "high-grip" formulation to guarantee good lubrication while preventing grease projections, even at high speed. Water and mineral resistant. 150 ml tube.
€11,50 (€9,58 excl VAT)
Fork Oil Gauge and Syringe for an easy and precise oil-change of your fork.
€19,50 (€16,25 excl VAT)
Quality DOT4 brake fluid in 1/2 liter container, Ferodo brand.
€5,90 (€4,92 excl VAT)
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