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    High-Flow Air Filter for Tiger 1200 (2022+)

    Brand: DNA
    €108,- In stock
    High-flow air filter for your Triumph Tiger 1200 all versions 2022+.
    Get your engine +35% more air!
    Lifetime warranty!
    Details and applications below.
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    For Tiger 1200 GT/Rallye all versions 2022+

    Your bike's original filter (as well as most aftermarket filters) are designed to be disposable: the filter element is made of strong porous paper and so cannot be cleaned without damage. DNA designs its filters differently: the filter material is a multi-layered cotton felt, protected by a fine aluminium mesh. This material costs a lot more, but it provides unequalled durability, excellent filtration and a much better air flow.

    For more info on DNA filters, their technology and their performance please see the visual at the bottom of this page.

    Direct replacement for the original filter.

    A good filter should last the life of the bike. Strict quality controls, materials of the highest quality, mean that DNA filters are granted a Lifetime Warranty!

    They need, however, to be maintained regularly: Once a year or every 15.000 to 30.000 km, depending on riding conditions.

    - Make sure the engine cools down before cleaning
    - Take the air filter out of the airbox, taking care to make sure that no dirt or debris falls into the intake
    - Spray the filter with cleaning solution on both sides and wait 5-10 minutes
    - Rinse under running water to remove all dirt and dust
    - Let the filter dry completely (up to several hours depending on conditions)
    - Apply fresh filter oil generously and let the filter rest for 20 minutes
    - Replace the filter in the airbox


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    5 from 5
    Just installed this filter. Since it is a bit larger than OEM is takes a bit of wiggling to close the airbox again.
    But the result... The engine picks up noticeably faster and 'breathes' a lot easier.

    No reason to hesitate.
    Posted by: GH on 2 September 2022