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Jacques (Central France)

Sylvain (Britanny)

Neal (UK)
« Incredible! The package arrived alredy. Perfect service! Many thanks »

Didier (southern France)

Lionel (southern France)

Bruce (USA)

Laurent (Paris area)

Julius (Denmark)
« Easy ordering and quick shipping to Denmark. »

Julien (France)

Robert (New Zealand)
« Thanks British Legends once again another great purchase. From France to New Zealand in 8 day, top service »

Paul (Australia)

Jehan (Canada)

Herve (Bordeaux region, France)

Miguel (Spain)
« Hello - the shipment has arrived perfectly, very good service and very good products, thanks and best regards. »

Dale (USA)
« The bypass pipe just arrived, wow that was fast. It's perfect and it almost looks to good to hide under the motor. Thank you for all your help I can't wait to install and remap the bike. »

Georges (France)

Mark (Belgium)

Mathieu (France)

Tom (France/USA)
« Thanks, Renaud, for your thoroughness, diligence and extraordinary customer service. British Legends is still Number One in customer service. »

Bernard (Northern France)

Pascal (Western France)

Antonio (Italy)
« Thank you! I received the parts quickly. Although I made a mistake in my order you send me the parts I needed to mount everything at no charge. Great service, I could not ask for more. You deserve success in your business. »

Didier (French Riviera)

Philippe (Britanny)

Aymeric (Paris area)

Chris (French Alps)

Charles (California USA)
« successful installation; quite easy and straight forward, thank you once again for your support »

Yvon (Western France)

Marc (France)

Tonio (Italy)

Patrick (South of France)

Inter-Motos (Switzerland)

Robert (New Zealand)
« i have a Dart Flyscreen on my 2014 Triumph America>>what a  huge difference it has made to my bike performance>>keeps wind off me and controls the whole performance of my bike>>best addition to my bike>>unbelieveable>>highly recommend one for your bike>>British Legends you sure made me happy>>thankyou »

Stéphane (Paris area)

Lloyd (Nevada USA, mar 2016)
« Received the parts today. Very pleased with the product and service. Merci ! »

Alain (Switzerland)

JR (Eastern France)

Chris (Australie, jan 2016)
« This is exceptional service. Thank you again for all your help, I will be sure to advice people on the forums of the fantastic service at British Legends ! »

Thomas (South of France)

Olivier (Corsica)

Hervé (Western France)

Luc (South-West France)

Florence (Paris area)

Jerome (Paris)

Robert (Nouvelle Zélande, juillet 2015)
« top service, will be ordering new stuff soon and pass on your company to my mates ! »

Laurent (France)

Vincent (Belgium)

Luc (France)

Anderson (Brazil)

Guillaume (France)

Alexis (France)

Patrick (France)

Tom (France/USA)

Philippe (France)

Pierre-Axel (France)

Sergio (Portugal)

Daniel (France)

Alain (France)

Pierre (France)

Ronan (France)

Jean-Loup (France)

Philippe (France)

Laurent (France)

Patrice (Belgium)

Michel (France)

Philippe (France)

Pierre (68)

Eric (45)

Florence (06)

François (25)

Pascal (44)

Gilles (72)

Yvon (34)

Didier (83)

Michel (06)

Triumph Lanester (56)

Bernard (83)

Luc (30)

Anna (33)

Philippe (29)

Philippe (73)

Triumph Dijon (21)

Christophe (13)

Anthony (71)

Fabien (64)

Julien (25)

Stephane (31)

Jean-Loup (62)

Michel (75)

Pascal (71)

Gilles (01)

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