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"Apollo" LED indicators in aluminium with integrated tail-lights for a modern look.
Priced per pair.

See details below.
"Arizona" indicators in aluminium for a real classy look - finish chrome or matt black. Priced per pair.
"Black Bullets" indicators to give your bike a retro and classy look. Priced per pair.
"Bullet" indicators in aluminium to give your bike a real retro look. Priced per pair.
High-quality "Bullet" indicators in solid aluminum. Sold as a pair.

See applications and details below.
"Cat-Eyes" indicators for a discreet look on your bike at unbeatable prices. Priced per pair.
Flasher Relay for fitting LED indicators / turn signals without causing electrical interference.

See applications and details below.
Flasher Relay for 21W indicators and 3-pin connection to the bike's wiring.

See applications and details below.
Pair of indicators brackets that fit directly to the fork tubes.
Osram H4 Halogen Bulb 55/60W "Bilux". For all bikes that use H4.
Osram H4 Xenon Bulb 60/55W "Cool Blue". Better vision and night visibility, ultra-modern look.
Replacement indicator / turn signal Osram light bulb 10W or 21W, depending on your motorcycle.
Pair of ultra-small LED indicators for a very discreet look.
Pair of LED lights that are also used to attach the plate - discreet, classy and modern!
Vintage look and beautiful "all metal" quality. LED lighting.

See details below.
Parking/position light bulb with Micro-LEDs. Better visibility and ultra-modern look!

See applications and details below.
Indicator brackets to reposition the rear indicators at the top of the shock absorbers, visually simplifying the back of the bike.

See applications and details below.
Replacement lens for Triumph motorcycles indicator. Sold per unit.

See applications and details below.
Pair of lenses for the replacement of original (orange) indicator lenses for a modernized and sportier look. Sold by the pair.

See applications and details below.
Replacement Osram bulb for taillight & stop 21/5W. Fits most Triumph models.
Re-issue of the mythical Lucas "Type 525" Sixties motorcycle tail light.
Re-release of the legendary Lucas "Type 564" with license plate light, tail-light and brake light.

See details below.
Re-release of the nythical Lucas "type 679" tail light from the Fifties.
Strong retro look and discreet to fit modern preparations, the "Texas" taillight is also a good-quality "budget" option.
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