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Ideal for all Triumph Twins, this service stand is easy to use and lifts your bike from underneath the swing-arm.

See applications and details below.
YSS nitrogen gas shock absorbers for much-improved comfort and road-holding. Sold as a pair.

See applications and details below.
100W Xenon bulb H4 "White / Blue". Be sure to be seen and improve your night vision by 60%!
Parking/position LED light bulb for better visibility and ultra-modern look!

See applications and details below.
Brake light switch front replacement for most Triumph models, as well as Kawa W650/800.

Voir ci-dessous.
Ideal for do it yourself brake bleeding your bike without pain!
Floating brake disc for a sportier look, reduced weight and better performance and endurance.

See applications and details below.
Engine oil Motul 7100 Engine Oil, the top-of-the-range of motor oils. 10W50 index as recommended by Triumph for all its models.

See details below.
Osram H4 Xenon Bulb 60/55W "Cool Blue". Better vision and night visibility, ultra-modern look.
Replacement indicator / turn signal light bulb, full range to fit all Triumph motorcycles.
Kit including filter, motor oil and drain plug with copper seal + free chain grease spray!

Details and applications below.
Tool to break open the old chain of your bike, and to rivet the new one for an easy chain-and-sprocket change at home ! Kellerman, quality made in Germany.

See details below.
Braided stainless steel brake line as a complete kit, for Kawasaki W650 and W800.

See details below.
Oil drain plug & seal for easy oil changes. Magnetized screw and copper gasket.

See applications below.
Champion Oil Filter for Kawasaki W650/W800 (all versions 1999-2016).

See applications and details below.
Quality brake fluid in 1/2 liter container. Brand TRW, made in England.
Engine oil fully synthetic, German quality for the price of a "budget" oil.

See details below.
Rear brake shoes for Kawasaki W650 and W800 (all versions 1999-2016). Ferodo brand.

See applications and details below.
Kit for the renovation of the clutch (discs + springs) on Kawasaki W650 and W800.

See details and applications below.
Top-quality chain and sprocket kit, Japanese quality for guaranteed longevity and durability.

See applications and details below.
Complete kit for the renovation of a brake caliper, including two stainless steel pistons and the required seals in high-quality rubber.

See applications and details below.
NGK "high-performance" Iridium spark plugs for Kawasaki W650 and W800, all versions 1999-2016.
K&N oil filter for Kawasaki W650/W800, all versions 1999-2016.

See applications and details below.
Brake bisc bolts in high-quality stainless steel, to replace the standard (rusting) original bolts on your bike !

See details and application below.
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