Model Codes for HONDA Motorcycles

Since 1981 Honda identifies its models by a technical code made up of two letters and two numbers. This code is used in identifying the correct spare parts for a particular bike. The code for your bike can be found in the middle of its “VIN number”… which you will find on the registration documents, as well as on the frame of the bike (often stamped onto the steering head).

Locate the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your bike. The first letter will be a "J" (for Japan), the second an "H" (for Honda). The third character will be either "2", "A" or "1", all indicating two-wheel vehicles. The HONDA MODEL CODE follows in positions 4 to 8 of the VIN number.

Example below : the model code is “SC45”.

The table below gives a list of the most common Model Codes (for bikes sold in Europe).

Model Code Commercial Name Years
JC29 VT125C 1999-2000
JC31 VT125C 2001-2008
JC32 XL125V 2001-2010
JC34 CBR125R 2004-2007
JC40 CBF125M 2009+
JC50 CBR125R 2011+
JD19 XR125L 2003-2008
PC26 CB500 1994-1995
PC31 CBR600F 1995-1998
PC32 CB500 / CB500S 1996-2003
PC34 CB600F 1998-2001
PC35 CBR600F 1999-2007
PC36 CB600F 2002-2006
PC37 CBR600RR 2003-2006
PC38 CBF600N / CBF600S 2004-2007
PC39 CBF500 2004-2008
PC40 CBR600RA / CBR600RR 2009+
PC41 CB600F / CBR600F 2007+
PC43 CBF600N / CBF600S 2008+
PD01 XL500 S 1979-1982
PD03 XL600 R 1983-1987
PD04 XL600 LM Paris Dakar 1985-1987
PD06 XL600 V Transalp 1987-1993
PE04 XR600 R 1985-2000
RC31 NT650 Hawk/Bros 1988-1992
RC33 NTV650 Revere 1988-1997
RC46 VFR800 2002+
RC47 NT650V 1998-2005
RC52 NT700V 2006-2009
RC59 NT700 V Deauville 2010-2012
RC60 VFR800X (Crossrunner) 2011+
RD02 NX650 Dominator 1988-1994
RD03 XRV650 Africa Twin 1988-1990
RD04 XRV750 Africa Twin 1990-1992
RD07 XRV750 Africa Twin 1993-1994
SC02 GL1100 Goldwing 1980-1983
SC09 CB900 F Bol d’Or 1982-1983
SC11 CB1100 F Super Bol d’Or 1983-1984
SC14 GL1200 Goldwing 1984-1988
SC22 GL1500 Goldwing 1988-2000
SC23 VT1100 C Shadow 1988-1995
SC24 CBR1000 F 1989-2000
SC26 ST1100 Pan European 1990-2001
SC28 CBR900RR Fireblade 1992-1995
SC30 CB1000 F Super Four 1993-1996
SC32 VT1100C2 1995-2000
SC33 CBR900RR Fireblade 1996-1999
SC34 GL1500C 1997-2003
SC35 CBR1100XX 1997-2008
SC36 VTR1000F 1997-2006
SC44 CBR900RR Fireblade 2000-2001
SC45 VTR1000SP 2000-2006
SC47 GL1800 2001-2011
SC48 CB900F 2002-2006
SC50 CBR900RR Fireblade 2002-2003
SC54 CB1300 2003+
SC57 CBR1000RR 2004-2007
SC58 CBF1000 2006+
SC59 CBR1000RR 2008+
SC60 CB1000R 2009+
SC63 VFR1200FA 2010+
SC64 CBF1000F 2010+
SC68 GL1800 Goldwing 2012+
SD01 XL1000V 1999-2000
SD02 XL1000V 2001-2010
SD03 XL1000VA 2011+
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